Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You Thursday

1. Thank you, Grandma & Papa, for introducing the girls to Tangled.  This cute, yet creepily animated movie has been the inspiration for questions from Abby like, "Are you my real mom or did you take me from someone else?"  It has also inspired some classic illustrations from Lauren....

2. I'm thankful I didn't order any of Abby's end of the year pictures.  Seriously! It's not the world's worst picture ever, but the tree is horrible and her smile isn't close to real.  The rash that plagued her that day is almost undetectable.  Still, I'm hoping by the time next fall rolls around she will have her regular smile back.  Or better yet, by the time we get our family pictures taken in a couple of weeks!

3. I'm thankful for some sunshine.  And a cool day.  I just wish people would stop complaining about how chilly it is.  It's April!  We are not meant to using air conditioners this early.

4. A good night at gymnastics for both of the girls.  And the smiles they evoke with the innocence of their movements.

5. A shower. And new episodes of my shows tonight. Even though I should be early to bed for my early to rise as I have an invitation to the royal wedding.... from my couch!  {If only I was with you to lounge and view, Shawnie!}

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