Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Some days are better than others. It isn't that today is a bad day, per say, but I'm certainly hanging in a slump lately. At any rate, finding things to be thankful for today is a bit more challenging in trying times.

1. I'm thankful for words that make me laugh in spite of, and especially when I'm grumpy. Moo-moo.... it gets me every time.

2. Thank you, back, for hanging in there. I have a slipped disc in my lower neck and have a spine like wet spaghetti (at least that's how I interpret my chiropractor's inference that my back does what it wants to). I put my body through the wringer some days. Thanks for holding on, my friend.

3. I love Abby's voice. Sure, she's got a sour side to her, but when she is sweet that voice sings to me like the sound of angels. I thank God for that little lady every day.

4. Thank you world for introducing me to like-minded friends. I always enjoy meeting people who are different and who have varying ideas and interests. But today I'm thankful for the like-minded people who remind me it's okay to be me.

5. I don't think I could live without Target, so thank you Dayton's for bringing Target into the world, nurturing it, and growing it into the national enterprise it is today. It is always my home away from home, and the one place I never mind doing work.... if you can count shopping at Target work. Hah!

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Susie said...

I'm a fan of Target (hello, HUGE fan!) and like-minded friends and super thankful to know you, Brooke. I hope your back will let up and give you some relief today.


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