Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sleeping Together

This afternoon Geoff was greeted with more questions from Abby, our curious one. Today's questions centered around the theme, sleeping together.

She first asked him, "Daddy, why do you and mommy sleep together?"

He responded, "Because mommies and daddies sleep next to one another. We are your parents and that's what we do."

She moved on, "Before you go to bed do you give each other a hug and kiss every night?"

To which he replied, "Yes we do."

And thankfully, that's where it ended. For now. We're just beginning our vacation in the Pacific Northwest. With two other couples in the house and lots of conversations fluttering through her ears, something's bound to pique her curiosity. But for now, as with Bert & Ernie, she left it at that. And right now she has time to let it all sink in, since she and her thoughts are resting peacefully, sleeping together.

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