Monday, June 14, 2010

Music to My Ears

If this is how all Mondays begin, then sign me up for a case of the Mondays!

Geoff returned from San Diego late Saturday night and regaled in a story of a three very noisy, very disruptive little boys on his return flight. It is exactly moments like this that I set out to avoid right from the start with our girls. I knew full well that there would be times they would have to spend time in places they would probably rather not, and as a result, we have trained them to handle themselves appropriately without resorting to bribery.

Twice a week, the chiropractor has become one of those place. I have no other choice but to cart the lovelies with me, and much to my surprise they preform beautifully. This morning the girls and I were escorted back to the area where I receive my first of three daily treatments. As the tech left our room I could hear her say to the other techs and to the doc, "The little girls are here." When someone didn't quite hear her she replied, "Brooke's little girls are here. You know, those two little cuties."

If someone had offered me the choice between those words and a million dollars, it would be a hard choice to have to make. I took a deep breath, and with a smile, was thankful that others enjoy the company of these two little ladies I've been tasked with raising.... I must be doing something right.

As a reward for waiting patiently through my shock therapy, and I'm guessing because of their good manners and quest for knowledge, Abby & Lauren were treated to a lesson on the blood pressure machine (yep, that machine that Lauren had nightmares about). The girls ate it up!

If you know Abby & Lauren you are well aware that they are far from children of perfection. But this morning, the reward for their public display of model behavior was music to my ears. Thanks girls! This is one happy mama. Happy Monday.

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