Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Funny Files

The girls have had a few encounters with language (which I've yet to document on this space) that lend themselves to the pure comedic melody of life with Abby & Lauren....


After returning to the house to retrieve an item I neglected to grab on my way out, Abby had this advice for me: "Everybody should organize their stuff. But your mom doesn't."

Grandma, someone is on to you!


A few weeks ago the girls were at our house for the evening with our good friend, Mindi, and her two munchkins. Collectively they decided to order pizza for supper. Mindi wondered aloud what a good place is to order from. Lauren, always willing to lend a helping hand, offered this bit of assistance: "I know!" When Mindi pressed for more, Lauren continued, "The name is on the side of the pizza man's car when he comes to our house."

Upon another visit from the Earnshaw family, Lauren confessed this: "When I talk quietly I say bad words. Like this, 'poopy'."

Did I mention that Lauren is a handful?!

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