Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

My brain is slowing waaaay down; it's with that that I post ten randomly random thoughts this Tuesday.

1. If life is like a bowl of cherries, then for me it is a gas.

2. Score! Twins tickets! Great. Now I've got that song in my head. You know it all you Minnesotans out there: We're gonna win, Twins, we're gonna score.... (Pssst, Joe Mauer, I'm talking to you!)

3. Love the mountains. LOVE the Midwest.

4. Using regular sunscreen on my face was not such a good idea. I'll take it a step further and say using Walgreen's sunscreen, probably not a good idea on any part of my body. Lesson learned.

5. Is any water park better than one carved into the side of a mountain? I have to say not so much. I'm stickin' with our fave aqua hideaway overlooking the lake!

6. Aqua socks. I'm not wearing them next year.

7. All wraps are not created equal. My mother-in-law's spinach wrap is the bomb.

8. Speaking of bomb, my MIL takes the cake on that one, too.

9. If Abby was any more like me I would have to legally change her name to Brooke.

10. Did I mention I'm going to a Twin's game this summer?! Target Field, here I come! {Thanks, Shawnie!}

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