Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Whenever I drift off into dreams of living in Minnesota, as my heart desires, I try to remind myself that I am where I am for a reason. I found one of those reasons wrapped up in a package named Susie. She inspires me in many small, but significant ways; one of which is Ten on Tuesday. I'm not sure she invented it, but she's certainly mastered it.

This is my first edition. Ten completely random thoughts on Tuesday....

1. We never have a complete wash-out day in Ohio. You know the kind where it rains all day and you have to turn on a lamp in the house. I love those days. I hope today is one of them.

2. It's amazing how many people don't know that the top sheet should be placed facing down when making a bed.

3. I have a lot of liberal friends. It's funny how the ones on the East coast are much more accepting of my conservative views than the ones in Minnesota. Seems counter intuitive.

4. Shouldn't Bart Simpson have graduated & moved out of his parents' house by now?

5. I love my girls. I know all parents do, but I truly adore them. I am blessed.

6. It was so refreshing to hear Geoff come home and say he had a really good day yesterday.... I smiled, then went back to sleep.

7. Why can't I stop thinking about going up to the cabin?

8. Even with so much left to cross off on my mental list, this house has accomplishment written all over it.

9. I wonder if my dad has enough homemade cookies in the freezer to hold him over until I get home again.

10. I think I need to get more sleep. My hips & my knees are still aching from my mulch-a-thon. I hope it is that and not aging.

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Susie said...

Yea for Ten on Tyesday! I swiped the title from somewhere else, but the randomness is mine. It's spread through the Internet like wildfire. I am glad you joined in and super glad to have crossed your path.
Mulch-a-thon, you crack me up! Thanks for being a great lunch date!


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