Friday, May 7, 2010

May Flowers

These flowers bloom out of recycling toilet paper tubes & empty milk bottles. Our friends Avry & Nash joined us in our project.

You Will Need:

empty toilet paper tubes (1 per flower)
bamboo skewers
tissue paper
green cardstock
empty single-serving milk jug (ours are from Chic-fil-A)

1. Draw a ring 2" in from the edge of the tube. Repeat on the other end. From each 2" ring draw cut lines every 1/2". Snip along each line to make petals.

2. Fold petals back to create flower. Paint flower, bamboo skewers & milk jug (the vase); let dry. Cut out green leaves to glue on to skewers.

3. Push the skewer through one end of the flower's center until it just touches the other end. Crumple an 8" square of tissue paper and place in the center.

4. Place flower into vase; fill vase with newspaper to stabilize flower if necessary.

{Abby, Lauren, Nash & Avry paint their flowers}

{Abby, Lauren & Avry pose with their May flowers in their vases}

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