Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stanley, Kirby & the Hare

It started with a trip to Kroger for snacks & beer. When the guys got back to the house they brought in their Kroger bag of treasures, which included a swinging rabbit. That's when the five day party marathon turned harey. "We got you something to remember us by," Alex snickered. If he only knew.

The guys unboxed the hare, which nested on a ridiculously long rope & a bench. And out they trekked to the backyard to hang it from a branch far beyond our reach. Several failed attempts left the rabbit with a gaping hole in her bottom. Geoff came to his senses and went to the garage, returning with the palm tree cutter we, for some reason, brought with us from our home in Florida. Perfect. And as we marveled at their swinging rabbit a suggestion of filling the hole with peanut butter was made, turning the trimmer into a peanut butter-spreading machine. It was our great experiment: to see if a squirrel could actually make its way down the rope of shame to eat out the peanut butter. Eventually it did.

{The swinging rabbit, the palm tree cutter, and Alex}

From there it continued to get weird. Crazy. There was drinking. A lot. The two cans of cheese dip, gone. And after our night of drinking, games, chip & cheese dip, and lots & lots of laughs, the big girls went to bed; the boys out for cigars. We woke up in the morning with lights that were never turned off and two boys passed out in the family room; remnants of a night of vomiting lay scattered about. They eventually rescheduled, then canceled their Sunday tee time. The boys were able to compose themselves by the time evening arrived, and we all settled in for a quiet movie night free of alcohol & barf.

On Monday Stanley Steamer reached the scene, and while the crew steam cleaned the carpet, the chair, and all of its parts, the moms went out to lunch. After two days to recover it was time for another rowdy night. We set up the laptop at the little table, then proceeded to check out a website where you are randomly set up with someone else who has logged onto the site to can view one another. We began just watching others, but eventually set up our camera and showed nothing but four seemingly boring adults sitting around a child-sized table in comfy clothes (yes, we were all dressed). Before long we had taken it to a new level and involved misc. childrens toys from the collection in the neighboring room. And for a second night there was no alcohol, nothing to blame the stupidity on; it was pure thirty-something imagination. This night, however, would cost me a severely stiff neck from sitting up on a much higher chair. I was eventually convinced I would be paralysed, but in truth it just needed several days of ice to subside.

Tuesday arrived. We all went to the business of doing our business, and as evening approached, so did a lady from the Kirby company trying to sell us a vacuum. Long story short, it turned into carpet-cleaning day two as we had the toy room carpet made over. She and eventually two managers left our house, after what seemed like hours, and I was left with a broken toe nail from a fallen couch. {And with an offer on the table to sell us that $2,100 vacuum for only $800, we still sent them on their way.} After supper & clean-up, Alex mended, glued & bandaged my toenail. Geoff made drinks, and for another night we set up the computer and sat around the little table. This time we lounged on the couch that was set-up in our kitchen and passed around a coloring book to which we composed a story.

{The morning after}

On Wednesday Stanley Steamer came back to try and remove the marks left behind by Monday's cleaning, and the Earnshaws left Ohio behind as they headed back to Michigan. We were all left exhausted and recovering. But time spent with good friends was time spent laughing in the company people we enjoy. And I think we are all left wondering what could possibly top this?

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