Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tales of the Easter Bunny

I almost forgot about Lauren's encounter with the Easter Bunny.

When we are at home with my parents the girls are usually playing musical beds, particularly when the hockey players are there. Most often they sleep upstairs with me, in my room, but other times they may slumber on the couch, or even with my parents in their king-size bed. On the night before Easter, that is just where Lauren was laid, smack between my parents on the main level of the house.

When the Easter morning arrived, the house was all abuzz with chatter of the Easter Bunny. Not only had he been there, but he left Easter baskets and hid our eggs. Lauren didn't skip a beat and jumped right in telling tales to Abby of how she saw the Easter Bunny. But she didn't just see him, he woke her up, they talked, and then they slept together on the floor for a little bit.

So why bring this up now? In Abby's quest to grow-up she is exceptionally excited about the prospect of losing teeth, and thrilled to discover what the Tooth Fairy will bring to her under her pillow. Tonight at supper she asked if she can talk to the Tooth Fairy when she stops by. "Sure," I responded. "If you see her, I don't see why not." Enter Lauren regaling in her elaborate Easter Bunny adventures. I can't wait to see what Abby does with the Tooth Fairy.

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Anonymous said...

This brings back my time seeing the tooth fairy, with "silvery wings." Too funny!!! :) -heidi


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