Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Blind Leading the Blind

I love their minds.

In the midst of trying to finish up loose ends before leaving the house for a party, the girls came walking into the room full of giggles and chatter. The exactities of the entire conversation have escaped me, but they grabbed my attention when they proclaimed, "We don't have any eyes." Sure enough they were guiding themselves around the upstairs completely blind; well, minus the few sneaking glimpses Tiny took to get herself back on track. I was too busy to bother getting to the bottom of their game, but I knew sooner or later they would clue me in.

And they did. "Mama, we're a bathroom sign. And we don't have any eyes. See?!" If I'd have thought of it then, I would have told them what an oxymoron that was. Instead, the only thought that consumed me was, That's what I get for spending so much time making sure they look for the bathroom sign with the dress. They have finally come to understand why we don't have segregated bathrooms with signs in our home, but obviously they haven't gotten past the fact that the lady on the public bathroom signs doesn't have any eyes.

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