Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potty Talk

The following is a typical conversation between Abby & Lauren. They are usually not captured with such detail, I just happened to be at the computer as I overheard their exchange.

Lauren, from the bathroom: "Abby, I need your help."

Abby enters the bathroom and Lauren states: "I need you to stay in here."

Abby: "You need help getting your poop out?"

Lauren: "Yes, I need you to stay in here and close the door."

Abby: "Well, I don't want to smell it."

Lauren: "It will be okay. You just stay in here and there will be the fan on."

Abby exclaims as she exits: "No."

Lauren: "Abby, I need you. I need you for one more minute."

Abby: "Nooooooo."

Lauren: "Aaaaaabbbbby!"

A few minutes later Lauren emerged, solo, and announced she had completed her job. She seemed relieved. The sisters are now on their way outside where they are set to compete in Dancing with the Stars, then head to Macy's.

You can't make this stuff up.

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