Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Lauren wanted to play in the dirt. At first I found myself protective; not of Lauren, of my mulch pile. But then I decided, why not? What kid wouldn't see that pile of mulch with delight. And even better, it was a great way to keep her occupied while I worked tirelessly on the landscaping. We established a few ground rules then set her loose.

It wasn't long and Abby joined in. In the beginning they were just filling up the buckets and dumping them out in the pile's vicinity. But before long, on their own, they decided to pitch in and help Mommy.

My heart swelled with pride & gratitude with every bucket they packed. And trip after trip they kept coming back to cover the landscaping with me. Words cannot express what a help they really were. I just hope somewhere in their little bodies they find the energy for a repeat performance tomorrow. I've got the entire back yard still to do.

{Lauren & Abby add mulch around the plants}

{Filling up with another load}

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Susie said...

Oh my goodness, you were not even lying about the amount of mulch you had! You go girls!


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