Sunday, April 18, 2010

Calming Crabigail

As promised, Abby received her special Mommy time on Saturday in effort to calm the giant I call, Crabigail. Okay, so I'll be honest. On the spectrum of all children, Abby could be so much worse. But on the spectrum I measure her on, which would be solely against herself, she has been nothing short of monstrous.

This weekend was better. Saturday the two of us went outside to enjoy a beautiful day mini-golfing, popping in and out of our favorite shops in our little downtown Fairborn, visiting Speedway for Icees, and walking through and playing at the park. It was a nice afternoon and my attention was all on her. The atmosphere in the house that evening was calm. Lauren herself had an afternoon of adventure, and when the two girls got together they were more than thrilled to swap stories of their travels.

Keeping up with a good thing, Geoff took his turn at some alone time with Abby. This afternoon they hit the links.... off to the base golf course they went. By the sound of their voices when they got back, they equally enjoyed one another's company, and Abby had an opportunity to tone her golf skills with a special pink club she was issued at the pro shop.

They capped off their day, per Abby's request, with supper at the local Chinese restaurant. I can't say for sure that this has alleviated the root of the problem, but if anything, this weekend has assured Abby that not only is she loved by both of her parents, but they we will always make special time for her.

{Abby Teed Off}

{Cartin' Around with Daddy}

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