Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heaven in a Hole

Abby's skinned knees have proven to provide lessons beyond the durability of pavement. In the week since she tore up her knees we have spent a lot of time discussing that ball that she was chasing into the street and why that was dangerous. But, Abby being Abby, she just won't let it go. So over and over again the discussion rolls. Finally, Friday night I confided in her a story about my friend's brother. If I remember the story correctly he had chased a ball into the street when he was hit by a car: he was focused on the ball and the driver of the car could not see him, thus the fatal accident. Of course, this story brought us right back to the many discussions we've had previously about God, death, and Heaven.

Since this little boy was about the same age as she is now when he died, the questions started flowing about kids in heaven, leading her to ask innocently, "Before I go to Heaven do I need milk?" I smiled. She continued.

Before long we were driving past a cemetery today when she inquired about how the bodies get into the cemetery. I explained as simply as I could that they dig a hole to bury the bodies. Abby is still a literal thinker, so after putting thought into her new cognition she inquired, "How do you get to Heaven in a hole?" Again, I smiled. Although this time I think it was accommodated with a laugh, Where does she come up with this stuff?

Honestly. I know kids ask a lot of questions, and frankly I'm glad she does; I'm happy to help her create an awareness of the world she lives in. I know I was a curious kid, but in a million years, I never could have imagined the things she comes up with.

I have no doubt we're just scratching the surface with all of the questions about God and Heaven. The following are other quotes straight from the mouth of Abby about just that.

"I'm not your baby anymore, I'm God's baby."--August, 2009

"I want to live with God."--March 12, 2010

"I want to see God when I'm healthy."--March 12, 2010

"Push me to the sky, but don't get me to Heaven."--March 30, 2010 (on the swings)

"Does God have toilets up in Heaven?"--April 14, 2010

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