Friday, April 23, 2010

Blame it on the Antihistamine

It might as well be Jamie Foxx's "Blame it on the a a a a a Alcohol" because the antihistamine has hijacked my Abby and turned her into someone with a personality impairment.

A good friend and kindergarten teacher had suggested that Abby's medication may be to blame for her mood change. I was hesitant to buy into the theory since she was on it last fall and I didn't struggle with it then like I do now. Although, knowing what I know now, the signs were there.

Abby has also had bouts of coughing, and when a cold strikes I have to shift gears and rethink my approach. Instead of dosing her with a medicine that dries up the mucus, I have to work toward the opposite effect and attempt to drain her nasal passages; doing both is counter-productive.

Taking her off the antihistamine was magic. My Abby was back. I'm not going to say she was a picture-perfect angel, but the unwarranted outbursts were nowhere in sight. A visit with the pharmacist confirmed this even further when she explained that Abby's medication, Hydroxyzine, can make adults drowsy, but for children it can make them irritable.

I'm backing off of the Hydroxyzine as much as possible. This morning she complained of irritation, and since she was heading outside at preschool to work on grounds beautification, I knew giving her the meds was our best solution. Sure enough when I arrived at school to gather my lovely she had one of her indefensible meltdowns.

I coaxed Abby through her hand-washing and somehow managed to get her to the car without much of a scene. The only medicine I have for countering this antihistamine is a cocktail of hugs, kisses, and understanding. It works for her.... The doses may vary, but the refills are always free. And it's my favorite medicine to give.

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