Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Only four of the fifty states do not have water defining their border.

2. Now I've pretty much seen the fireworks in all corners of our great nation. Fireworks from the mountains....

 {Walla Walla Park--Wenatchee, Washington}

3. We've been glued to the Casey Anthony trial, so it's no surprise that Abby's been cued in. After today's verdict she had this to say: "It isn't nice to kill a child or an adult.  You should just let them die on their own."  Well said, my six-year-old little lady.

4. For the record, my favorite place to watch fireworks is Minnesota. Nostalgia for sure. But also, nothing tops the fireworks on the lake, be it Pokegama or Superior with the Lift Bridge for a backdrop.

5. Hands down the best gift anyone has given my girls is their time & attention.  If you are one of the selfless givers I thank you.

6. We're still waiting for Abby's baby teeth to come out.

7. The Casey Anthony verdict has been eating at my mind all day.  Yes, I think she did it.  Maybe I'm wrong, but all of the signs point to her.  What bothers me the most though is the greater lesson: you can lie and get away with murder.  What a shame if that is the standard we set.

8. Tonight....
Her dirty feet tell the tale of her travels.

9. If you want to know why we come to Washington for two weeks exactly when we do I have two words for you: This Tree....


10. I love surprises.  I also love gifts that are given for no other reason than the fact that someone was thinking of me.

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