Monday, July 11, 2011

Abby Talks Fishing

These days Abby loves to talk.  She loves one-on-one time with adults, just chatting, just talking about life.

Last night it was my turn.  Me & my girl snuggled up my bed watching one of my Sunday night faves, Minnesota Bound.  One segment featured a young woman's adventures in fishing.  It sparked Abby's memory of trips to the cabin gone by, and with this year's cabin adventure closing in, she's looking forward to getting into Great Grandpa's boat and dipping the line of her new pole in the water with her Papa.

This is Abby's take on how to catch a fish....

I think that you find fish when you're swimming in the water.  You catch it with your fishing pole & you bring it into your boat.  Then you find it some water.  There's a box & there's water, and you can put the fish in there, and you close it up.

You bring them in the house, and then you bake them.  Or you can put them in the fridge.

{Lauren & Abby Watch Fish in Uncle Kim's Live Well}

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