Monday, July 18, 2011

The Cabin

My favorite place on the entire planet.  It's always my favorite part of summer.  The place where we go to rest, relax, play & fill our souls.  I'm so grateful that I am blessed enough to share it with my lovelies.

 {Abby Splashes in the Lake}

 {Lauren Steps In}

{Lizzie Guards the Steps}

{Room For a View}

{Lovely Strawberry-Picking}

{Lauren Fishing with a Loon}

{Minnesota's State Bird}

{Papa & Lauren's Perch}

{An Eagle Fishing Down the Shore}

{Papa & Lauren....
Lauren's First Ride in Great Grandpa's Boat}

{Abby's First Ride in Great Grandpa's Boat}

 {Papa & His Girls Fishing off the Dock}

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Anonymous said...

did you know that was my grandpa's boat too?! my first boat ride was probably in that boat. first boat I learned to run by myself (8-9 years old) was that boat.

great memory making boat!



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