Saturday, January 12, 2013

Waffle House Top Ten

Before I got married I had no idea there was a Waffle House.  But as this northern girl reluctantly ventured into the bottom half of the good ol' US of A it would quickly win its way into my heart, my thighs & my life.

This morning as I Instagramed a picture of my homemade waffle masterpiece, the delicious memories of Waffle House visits came flooding back, inspiring this Top Ten....
Brooke's Top Ten Waffle House Visits

10. Palm Bay, Florida: Brooke takes her sister-in-law, Heidi, out for a little Adult Girl Time while Geoff stays home with the baby. On the wall behind Heidi is a trail of ants. This is no surprise to Brooke.  However, it probably would be to Heidi.  Brooke does not want to end her sanity break, so she says nothing.  Not Brooke's proudest moment, but classic Waffle House.

9. Melbourne, Florida: Brooke takes Mom, Dad, Aunt Karen & Uncle Mark to Waffle House before her guests catch their flight back to Minneapolis.  This is also Abby's first trip to the WH, but she won't get to enjoy it, as she is only 5 months old.  The other patrons on the flight bound for MSP did get a taste of that meal, however.  Going to a Waffle House before a flying commercial is NOT recommended for anyone with digestive issues.

8. Melbourne, Florida: Shawn & Kimmy come to visit their new little cousins.  It is now official Waffle House edict: All future WH visits must be made in pajamas regardless of the time of day.

7. Fairborn, Ohio: Brooke, Abby & Lauren wake up just before noon after their 12 hour drive back from Minnesota.  Geoff has nothing to eat in the house; clearly a WH visit is in order.  All three girls wear, what else, their jammies.

6. Somewhere just north of the Everglades, Florida: a very pregnant Brooke, Geoff and one-year-old Abigail stop at WH on their way back from a UMD hockey game in Ft. Myers.  They didn't know it yet, but their next stop would be a roadside alligator show shack.  Strange combination of some of their favorite things.

5. Palm Bay, Florida: Word is out to the Iowa neighbors that Brooke likes the Waffle House. So does Gary.  Brooke & Gary go on a Waffle House date.  Barb gets off the hook making Gary his favorite waffles with pecans and offers to watch the girls.  Everybody wins.

4. Somewhere in Alabama: Brooke takes Dad to the Waffle House for the very first time.  Waitress is missing some of her blue Lee Press-On nails.  Classic Waffle House.

3. Roanoke, Virginia: Dad's first WH encounter is unleashed in the hotel room as Brooke stands outside the bathroom door brushing her teeth.  Brooke & Geoff's relocation to Massachusetts ensures she will have plenty of time to get this experience out of her system before reuniting with her favorite hillbilly breakfast.

2. Norman, Oklahoma: After much discussion on their honeymoon road trip, Geoff & Shawn have Brooke curious and they stop for her first exposure to the WH.  Brooke also tries grits for the first & last time.  Waffle House employees, and now close personal friends, think it is weird that three people are honeymooning together.  Brooke, Geoff & Shawn think it is like the pot calling the kettle black.

1. Fairborn, Ohio: Brooke, Geoff, Alex & Mindi are hungry, but the children have already eaten.  Because the WH is packed, they set the children up in the van with a movie right outside the window of their booth.  This is the first & last time they have ever done such a thing, but they are pretty sure this is common protocol for WH regulars, especially in the early morning hours after partying.  Mindi asks waitress if they have waffles with strawberries. Waitress replies, "Yes, but they are not real strawberries. This is only a one star restaurant."  Classic Waffle House.

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