Monday, January 14, 2013

Not-So-Generic Top Ten

My new favorite blog topic.... My list of Top Tens for any random, given subject.  Today's subject, ten things I won't go generic on.

Brooke's Not-So-Generic Top Ten
10. Toothpaste: I won't even use other brand names.  I have one, and only one brand of toothpaste that I trust on my pearly whites. I absolutely refuse to even entertain the idea of anything else.  To be fair, I've tried.
9. Q-Tips: Here's one where Q-Tip will forever have my loyalty.  Tightly bound cotton, a firm stick.  Those cheap, plastic guys bend at first swipe.  I'm a Q-Tipper for life.
8. Soap: Hand soap, bar of soap, it doesn't matter.  This girl likes a good soap.  Also, I'm a little sensitive to smell, so anything heavy in perfumes is out.  All too often, generics tend to leave a lingering funk.  No thank you.
7. Coffee: One word.... Dirt.
6. Make-Up: Again, I've tried.  Maybe not so much generic as much as cheap drug store types.  You know their names.  Clumpy mascaras.... Honestly, you're better off not wearing anything.
5. Shampoo: Maybe it's my fine, fly-away hair.  Or maybe it's the fact that I've actually used quality products, so when I use the cheapies my hair is a hot mess.  Whatever the reason, I like my salon shampoo & conditioning products and I'm stickin' to it.
4. Hairspray: Ahhhh, the days when poofing the perfect set of bangs was in.  And then you walked out into the rain and immediately the smell of Aqua Net or that purple can of Aussie hits the crowd and that deflated mass slaps your forehead silly; you know only a good shampooing can conquer that mess.  While my current hairspray does not hold up to the rain, it certainly isn't cause to throw in the towel.
3. Tampons: Seems like a great money-saver, BUT I can say from experience, it is like giving a ride to a square peg in a round hole.  Enough said.
2. Scotch Tape: Nothing, and I mean nothing, tops 3M's sticky adhesive.  I don't even like the way generics roll off the dispenser.  Straight-up frustrating!
1. Ziploc Bags: I tried.  But the bottom line is that nothing, and I do mean NOTHING beats a Ziploc bag.  Now if I can just get my husband to learn how to properly close them.... I think I smell another top ten.  Stay tuned.

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