Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. The only way to describe Uma Thurman last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was like watching someone pole dance in a chair.  She kept looking at him with creepy sex eyes.  So uncomfortable.

2. Taylor Swift's song "I Knew You Were Trouble" has some throw-back qualities.  I know this because every time I hear the chorus it reminds me of shopping at Deb's, and it's been A LONG time since I've fit into anything in that store.

3. I'm officially a fan of Italian Blood Orange Soda.  Yummmmm!

4. Karaoke Machine: solid investment.  The girls spend a fair amount of time rockin' out on that thing.  Belching and sometimes being inappropriate, too, but mostly singing.  Not always great singing, but singing nonetheless.

5. Strange dream last night.  Lauren was driving one of my dad's old trucks, and I was driving my Grand Am.  It got weirder, but I'm still stuck on the significance of the old vehicles.  And what was I thinking letting my six-year-old drive a stick?!

6. Confession Alert: I love finding the girls' random drawings around the house.  Lauren's are especially cute with her rockets and words of love.

7. I have zero regrets about the girls having their tonsils & adenoids out this summer.  We've only used the nebulizer twice this winter, and we've had zero middle-of-the-night coughing fits.  Thank. You. God.

8. After weeks of slacking on my workout routine, I'm finally back in the groove.  The worst part is actually getting out of bed.  Second worst part, that funky feeling right before I take a shower.  The payoff.... I feel great the rest of the day!

9. These days once I'm on Pinterest it's like pulling teeth to get me off.  My latest crack up is this Dorothy & Toto pic.  Gotta love people with the same sense of humor.

10. I'm anxiously waiting to try my latest crockpot creation: Crockpot Olive Garden Pasta Soup.  I even bought a little crockpot so I could half recipes and not have so much left over when I'm cooking for just me & the girls.  It's almost time to dig in.  Wish me luck!

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