Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Remember that moment when the concept of how they actually get money into checks perplexed you?  I seriously do.

2. Experts claim without question that oatmeal is the best breakfast for a vast array of reasons.  Now, if only they could get it to taste worthy of making it into my daily menu.  Up to this point I've yet to taste an oatmeal I can stomach for more than four consecutive days.  Your move, oatmeal.

3. Am I the only person who has a beef with where stationary soap dishes are cemented in showers?  The fiberglass showers place them in just the right place to be knocked off by your elbow.  The tile showers place them perfectly in the line of fire to be quickly broken down by the blast of the water.  Don't even get me started on the showers that don't have a place for me to place my foot when I shave my legs....

4. I actually find it a thrill to decipher which store brand products are superior to both other store brands and their brand name counterparts.  I have to say, my favorite store brand vanilla ice cream is Target's.  I have the girls' tonsillectomy to thank for that discovery.

5. Shepard Smith, anchor at FOX News.  I'm torn here.  He easily engages me in the programs he anchors.  But then there is his arrogance.  I've overlooked his daily shout-out to Oxford, Mississippi.  But twice now he's capped stories about the NHL lockout with snarky comments about how no one cares.  I care.  What I don't care about is Mississippi or your beloved Alabama "Roll Tide" (whatever that means) football team.  As a person I think he's a douche.

6. It's funny how kangaroos are cute and angelic looking, and yet I'm pretty sure they could kick or box the crap out of a grown man.  Me for sure.  Frankly, they scare me.

7. Random Family Fun Fact: Lauren is the only one of my parents' grandchildren that does not also share a name with one of my mother's brothers' dogs.  Follow-Up Fact: All of the dogs were named before the children were born.  Does this mean that subconsciously my sister & I have issues?

8. Growing up I was never a fan of radio talk shows.  I listened to KROC or KDWB when I got ready for school, but there was enough music to keep me engaged and the talk was light & entertaining.  Now I'd take a talk show any day.... Elvis Duran, Neal Boortz, Andy Dean, I could listen to my faves all day.

9. While I was home for Christmas I noticed my favorite column in the Owatonna People's Press was MIA.  That's right, they dropped Dear Abby.  So I'm posting the link for future reference, this way next time I'm home and without a paper version I've got this baby online: http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/.  Thanks, Mrs. Best for passing this on!

10. My Christmas vacation this year was crappy, and that's being kind.  There were many sweet spots, but overall the trip ranks as one of my least favorite visits home.  This is honest to God, the best part of my entire time in Minnesota this Christmas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG_iODz6e7E&sns=fb.  I could watch it a million times and not get tired of it.... maybe it's Jerry's endearing Minnesota accent.  Maybe it's his spirit.  But when it comes down to it, I just like the way looking at The Tree makes me feel.

Happy 2013!

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