Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Vacation never felt so good.  If only we knew with certainty what our next chapter holds.  I love a good surprise, but this holding pattern is taking forevah!  Thank heavens for the distraction of VACATION!

2. Why is it the longer I go without posting, the harder it is to find anything meaningful to write?

3. I love my Toms; far more than I thought I would. Or maybe more than I wanted to. Benefit of the Toms: less emphasis on having beautifully painted toe nails. Downfall: my new foot tan lines are cramping my flip flop style.

4. Perhaps the reason everyone in Minnesota thinks the mosquitoes aren't so bad this year is because my girls are acting as decoys. This summer I'm trying something new. That's right, I'm giving my little mosquito magnets garlic supplements.  With any luck they'll be much less appetizing to those pesky insects.  It's the hungry Italians we'll have to watch out for now!

5. If it is possible to overdose on watermelon then I think this summer will be that summer. Cannot get enough!

6. That said, I'm patiently waiting for sweet corn.

7. Moving around the country has not only offered me the chance to get to know so many different people, but best of all it's made me realize how genuinely fantastic & humble people are in Minnesota.

8. Finally, finally, I think I've adjusted to Windows 8.  If only I could get all of the apps to work.  Sigh.

9. Recipe I've always wanted to try: Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate.

10. Confession Alert: I refuse to repin or repost anything with a grammatical or spelling error.  Fingernails on a chalkboard....

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