Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Duluth! Outside magazine's 2013 Best Adventure Hub runner-up. Love that town!

2. Both lovelies are actively eating apples off Dad's trees.  The apples are still green.  I'm willing to wager their digestive track will also be actively eating at them before the night is through.

3. I love the word, espionage.  Maybe it's the way it rolls off the tongue, or the sophistication it implies.  But no worries, you didn't uncover my secret password to anything.... I'd never remember how to spell it!

4. Confession Alert! When the Sarah McLachlan commercials come on TV I either leave the room, hit mute, or turn the channel.  But I'm a sucker for the Values.com ads.

5. On another note, I'm also a huge fan of the colonoscopy billboard campaign decorating Minnesota's highways.  Cracks me up!

6. The girls have mastered the art of checkers. I pity the fool in school who takes them on.

7. This summer is all about ice cream for Abby.  If she could eat it with every meal, she would.  And still, not an inch of fat on your body.  Lucky girl!

8. I realized today when we attempted to do school shopping how much I don't like school shopping.  We left the Medford Outlet with one sweatshirt for each of the girls.  Shoes & jeans go on sale next week.  It was a great excuse to ditch the shopping in lieu of ice cream!

9. Something tells me when the dust settles there is another dog in our future.  I suspect I will be the last hold out.  I love the life & energy a dog brings into our home.... I hate the hair, the responsibility.  Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes?!

10. This might finally be the time for me to try coconut oil! Hmmmm.... now what to do with it?!

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