Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Heros never make excuses.

2. Nothing.  Nowhere to go.  Nothing on the schedule.  Except me & my babes tonight.  I love it!

3. Just when it seemed to feel like the Thanksgiving fairy had passed us by, this just might be one of our best Turkey Days yet.  Tomorrow the girls & I will come home from school & bake our pumpkin pie, and on Thursday we'll work together to prepare a small, yet hopefully tasty turkey dinner.  Wait.  We're having chicken.  But that's another story.

4. I have a new love & appreciation for Iowa.  Great girls weekend in Le Claire with family!!!

5. Confession Alert!  When Geoff came back from his last trip to Florida disgusted, I felt an incredible sense of relief.  Finally he was seeing what I saw all that time.  I will honestly be happy if I never have to go back there again.

6. Lauren is busy practicing songs for her upcoming school concert.  Bath time is when she hits it hard.  From time to time we'll fill the room with a lovely duet.  Then she stops and asks me how I know that song, too.  Oh, Lauren.

7. How can it be time to decorate for Christmas again already?!  Almost time.  Three more days!  And in three more days I'll be much more tolerant of all of those Christmas carols, too.

8. I am finding it hard to contain my excitement over some of the gifts I'm giving this year.  It's awfully hard to keep my mouth closed.

9. A weekend of firsts.  It was the first time I'd driven nearly the entire route back to Minnesota without my girls.  It was the first time either of the lovelies had been ice skating; and Lauren has the bruised elbows to prove it.  And it was the first time the girls cleaned toilets & vacuumed with the full-sized vac.  Rumor has it they really got into the cleaning spirit.  Geoff, you're my hero.

10. It sounds like their Daddy Weekend was a blast.... fire on the deck, dinner out, ice skating birthday party, Polar Express movie night.  I'm thankful my girls have such a great daddy to make memories with.

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