Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let Me Translate~À la Quatre

They're at it again.  The girls are working their way through the English language one mix-up at a time.


Melt Cup: Malt Cup
Errtificate: Certificate
Barber: Bobber
Prooverty: Puberty
America of a Mall: Mall of America
Right Outside: Right Side Out
K-Zeus: Jesus
Spit-a-Man: Spiderman
Robin Noodles: Ramen Noodles
Wing: Wig

Burt's Weed Whacks: Burt's Bees Wax
Tip Stand: Kick Stand
Toot Toots: Beans
Bafoon: Perfume
Sparkly Eyes: Eye Shadow
Get a Piece of Fire: Light a Match
Twizzers: Tweezers
Squirt Stuff: Spray 'n Wash
Surprise Box: Prize Box (in kindergarten)
Soury: Celery
Wienies: Wheaties Cereal
Baroom: Maroon
Instruments: Ornaments
Vinepapper: Vampire
Baskwards: Backwards
Low-No Wayne: Lo Mein
Hop Suey: Chop Suey

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