Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Smart mosquitoes hover around your coffee planning their attach.  No doubt they're doing a little mosquito giggle as they watch your fingers dance around the mug trying not to lace your drink with their bloody insides.

2. Abby is working on her two-handed mosquito killing technique.  Lauren prefers the fly swatter.  Both are effective pest eliminators.  Proud mama.

3. I've had it with the heat.  Hoping for some reprieve from the land of ten thousand humid days in a row and that times itself in mosquitoes.  San Diego or bust, Geoff.

4. Not the Japanese, not the heirloom Italian, but only the American eggplant comes in both a male and a female version.  The male has less seeds & is less bitter.  Who knew?!

5. I'm glad my dog isn't the only one who insists on being under foot.  Consequently, dogs are now topping my annoying list.

6. Abby's interest in boobies has heightened in recent days.  It is often the topic during our morning and evening grooming.  Tonight she wondered, "If I push my body hard will boobies come out?"

7. Games, games, games.  I'm pretty sure if given the choice between ice cream and playing a game Abby would choose the game without flintching.  Memory and Jump Over are her current obsessions.  She schools me every time.

8. It's amazing how much older Cory Monteith looks when he is not on Glee.  And I'd have never known if I wasn't up late last night watching Jimmy Fallon.

9. Iowa chops, Minnesota sweet corn, and a cold glass of Kemp's milk.  Midwest is the best!

10. Thank you, Facebook. Now I'm hooked on Blunt Cards.

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