Monday, August 29, 2011

The Big K

Finally.  After watching all of her friends at preschool head back, and now her sister, it is finally Lauren's turn for the big time: Kindergarten and the bus.

I wish I had a cute little story to tell, or a fabulous tale from her first day, but I don't.  She bounced around the house this morning as happy as a clam.  She was ready in record time and waiting for me to head outside for our traditional First Day of School photo op.  And then we made the walk she's made so many times before, only this time she brought along her lunch, too, and there was no walking back until her day at school was complete.

My favorite kindergarten teacher happily reported that there were no tears shed today, and by the looks of the pictures she sent out to us anxiously waiting parents, Lauren and her cohorts did just fine.  Lauren walked off that bus with a smile on her face and a new friend.  A boy.

Congrats, Lauren.  You're a kindergartner!

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The Earnshaw's said...

So looks so happy. Avry has the exact same lunch bag that she got from a friend of ours.


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