Sunday, December 20, 2009

Letters To Santa

It is that time of year again. Time to write our letters to Santa. I just hope they make it to the North Pole in time for him to receive their sentiments before he takes off on his magical flight.

I'm not sure these letters top last year's classics (especially Lauren's exclamation of needing a fresh diaper!), but nevertheless, they are timeless treasures.

Lauren's Letter

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a Bubba. I want a Christmas tree. Umm, I want, umm, a necklace. I want a Band-Aid. I want a stroller. I want Santa. I want cookies, apples, umm gumballs. A helicopter, umm, I want an ice cream cone. I finish my milk. I want Play-Doh, licorice.

I saw the reindeer on the roof of your shop at the North Pole. I was nice. That's it, let me write my name. I'm not Lauren, I'm Ord.



Abigail's Letter

Dear Santa Claus,

I like Play-Doh. I like M&Ms. I like Santa Claus. I like reindeer. I like snowmans. I like cards. I like Christmas trees.

What is Mrs. Claus doing at the North Pole? Dying?

Where is your bed? What is Mrs. Claus doing to the vacuum?

It was nice to see you at preschool. Everyone was being naughty upstairs, and Santa was downstairs.

Santa Claus, I want you to eat my apples.

Your friend,


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