Thursday, March 18, 2010

Glad to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Every now and then I think about the impact my staying home with our kids is having on them. Sure they are missing out on all that daycare has to offer.... the socializing, sharing of communicable diseases, endless piles of crafts, birthday party invitations galore, etc. But what they are getting from me, and each other, just might be of greater wealth. Don't get me wrong, I am not in any way judging mothers who don't stay at home with their kids, just reminded why I'm glad that I can.

Foremost, I get to watch them grow and be there for it all. I am able to train them to behave and react to situations in the way that I deem appropriate. And as it was vividly played out in front of me yesterday, they are experiencing the ins and outs of much of what adults are responsible for by growing in my shadow.

The girls spent much of the afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful weather and entertaining themselves. At one point Lauren came to the house with a stick and said, "This is for my TV." Okay, I thought. It must be her antenna. Wait. They don't even know what those are. Hmmmm. It wasn't long before I found out where it was all going.

And then it was Abby's turn. "Mom, how do you fix the Direct TV? Lauren's TV is the tree, and I am fixing it for her."

Of course they were busy fixing the Direct TV. After days on the phone with technicians and a few different visits to the house, this must be a crucially important job. Being the true professional she is, Abby got Lauren's tree up and running in no time. And that stick? It was Lauren's remote.

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