Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Despite popular belief, interviewing does not get easier with age.  In some respects it may, but certainly not on my nerves.  First teaching interview since I've been back in Minnesota and I'm just as much of a hot mess as I was when I graduated college.  Less emphasis on 'hot' & more on 'mess'.  But at least I've got experience in my back pocket, so that should make it a tad bit easier, right?!

2. Big puppy news!  We've been accident-free in the house for a month now and last night we took a major step & a leap of faith.... Amelia made it out of the laundry room & slept upstairs with us.  Like any baby she neglected to sleep through the night.  But I give props to the little gal for waking up the girls instead of us when she was ready to play!

3. It finally feels like this house is our home.  Why did I not think it would take so long?

4. I still miss our house in Ohio.  And our neighborhood.  And our friends.  And my job.  Is this feeling ever going to go away?!

5. I did not expect my oldest child to erupt in tears at the prospect of spending her last two weeks of summer vacation without me in the house.  Love that she still needs me, but man does she pull on my heart strings!

6. I am anxiously awaiting the night when we finally make use of our fire ring.  Finally it is getting cool enough to actually sit outside by a fire.

7. I have stopped myself three times now from putting my Fall decorations out by the front door.  Is it September yet?!

8. I still have to get the girls' shelves up on their walls.  I've come across just about every reason possible to delay this.  Who knew it was such a commitment?!

9. I might be having just as much fun doing the behind-the-scenes design work for Geoff's new company as he is being the front man.  If only I could put my inappropriate slogans to work.  I guess I'll just have to keep on giggling to myself.  Some things never change.

10. I could not be more grateful that the girls have met some really great friends in our neighborhood.  There were moments I questioned this, but the kids they've been spending their time with as of recent are on the approval list.  Yay for that hurdle!

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