Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Who knew? GEICO stands for Government Employee Insurance Co. Thanks for the offer, GEICO, but I'm not a gov't employee.

2. Geoff bailed on me. Left me alone to endure the cortisone shot in my knee solo. I don't blame him, he hates needles. Apparently they bother me more than I thought. I turned white as a ghost and I nearly passed out. But if it means no more meds and no more pain.... totally worth it.

3. Abby is quite the reader. Every night she brings home a short beginner book to read. Already I've seen an improvement in her reading. Tonight she was reading with inflection. She fills my heart with pride.

4. Lauren.... still cuddly. Still sweet. Still spunky. Still Lauren.

5. Sometimes I think I learn more from the girls than they learn from me.

6. I'm in need of a little Minnesota nice. I'll take it with a side of Minnesota common sense.

7. Of all the parts of Ohio our travels have taken us to, the Dayton & Columbus areas are my favorite. I'm not ashamed to admit it is because it is the most like home.

8. Thing That Annoys Me No. 387: People who walk or run, and especially with a dog or a child in tow, on the street when there is a perfectly viable sidewalk a footstep away. Sorry, but I'd really rather not have to dodge you as I go about my business in my car.

9. I want an Apple computer. I'm used to a PC, and frankly I find using Apples frustrating at times. But let's be honest, they don't run slow because of misc. viruses. Total crap.

10. I am taking great comfort in our recent purchase of a cool mist humidifier. Winters are typically filled with a bounty of sleepless nights because the girls are up coughing and using their nebulizer in the middle of the night. It's a little hairy right now because the girls are getting over colds, but overall it's been a Godsend. Why didn't I listen to our doctor's advice years ago I don't know.

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The Earnshaw's said...

Oh you will so love your Mac!! I never want to use a PC again. It is really awesome what you can do with your photos too. You would never want to leave your computer.


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