Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm back....

1. Wet Ones has changed their Fresh Scent wipes. I'm not a fan of the new odor. I'm also not sure I'm thrilled about the idea of the girls not needing them so much anymore. I actually used one to wipe my sticky hands & glass at a martini bar. I have them in my purse for the girls. How long can that excuse be viable?!

2. The girls have finally figured out how to put the ponies on their hair. Lauren prefers the pig tail look. She wore hers to & from school yesterday, but not at school because, "That's embarrassing".

3. It bothers me when kids lean on furniture. It bothers me more that parents let it slide; parents let a lot slide. I often wonder what my great grandparents' generation would say about that.

4. While I'm on my soap box, I also have a beef with parents pushing their kids off on the grandparents. I'm not talking about the occasional hangin' out with granny. I'm talking carpools & kiddie care. It used to make me a little envious that they have the help, but now it just makes me sad for them all.

5. My two new guilty pleasures this season: Pan Am & The Playboy Club. Both cleverly written, intriguing & entertaining dramas.

6. For the entire hour of Desperate Housewives on Sunday my heart pounded with guilt as if I was the only covering up the murder! The sign of another well-written show. It may be time for it to end, but I'm really going to miss it.

7. Today=Super Dooper Check List Day! Oh does it feel good to cross things off!!!

8. Abby is obsessed with having her own room. Is there something I can inject her with to at least slow down this whole growing up too fast thing?!

9. I sneak into the girls' room at night and kiss them & talk to them while they sleep. I miss them when I'm not with them, but I'm grateful they have each other.

10. Tonight Abby confessed she doesn't like black people because she isn't fond of that color. Of all the reasons not to like people Abby would pick that one. In all honesty, I'm glad this conversation is coming up now over a trivial reason than because she is being told not to like a group of people by her peers. I figured we'd have this conversation sooner or later, I just thought it would be later than sooner.

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The Earnshaw's said...

I love that you are back and I like the new layout!


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